Build credit in college on autopilot.

Path Card helps you build credit and earn up to 10% cashback on every purchase, all while preventing you from overspending.

Accepted everywhere

Top 3 reasons to choose the Path Card over credit cards.

1) You can only spend up to what you normally spend each month.

We give you peace of mind that you won't be overspending and racking up credit card debt.

2) Automatic repayments ensure you don't rack up debt.

You’ll never have to stress about making payments. Ever.

3) No interest and up to 10% cash back on everything.

Unlike other cards that charge you hundreds of dollars in interest we charge none.


Path Card prevents overspending.

Credit cards encourage it.

Other cards make money when you go into debt. We don't.

We designed the Path Card to build credit using the money you're already spending. When they buy something, your linked bank account automatically pays us back. At the end of the month, purchases are reported to credit bureaus—safely building your credit history.

Automatic overspending protection.
You can never spend more on Path Card than what you already do.

No payments to remember.
Automated repayments take the burden off of you to remember anything.

Path Card is safer than traditional student credit cards.

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  • Spending controls so you don't overspend
  • 0% interest rate
  • Automated repayments
  • No late fees
  • Up to 10% cash back on purchases
Discover Student Card
  • No spending controls, can overspend
  • 17-25% interest rate
  • Student must send regular payments
  • Late fees
  • 1-5% cash back on purchases

Safely build your credit.
Never worry about it ever again.

Don’t just take our word for it.

“To say that Path has helped me would be an understatement...The whole Path team has been so great to me and wants the best for me and the future of my education. I’m so thankful to have them on my side.”
Timothy P, College Student

Plus everything else you’d want for your first credit-building card.


Earn up to 10% cash back on everything.
Every purchase earns a surprise amount of rewards.


Get quick, friendly support.
Any question you have, answered by our team of experts.


Unlimited credit health monitoring.
Watch your score grow over time as you use Path Card.

Use anywhere in the world.
Accepted at 99% of merchants via Mastercard.

Lock and unlock card anytime.
Keep Path Card secure by locking it anytime you need.


How does Path Card work?

Path Card is a debit card that helps build your college student's credit. Students fund purchases by linking their existing bank account. They can only spend what they have and begin building credit automatically.

Who is eligible?

Any U.S. resident over 18 is eligible for Path Card. We're beginning to welcome members in select states as we get started.

Why is Path Card better than a credit card?

Path Card is designed with the benefits of a credit card but the safety of a debit card. Unlike a credit card, college students can't spend more than they have in their bank—preventing overspending. Purchases are funded automatically—eliminating late payments, overdue balances, and interest.

Credit cards make it way too easy for students to spend more than they have, get into debt, and lower their credit score. That's why we designed Path Card to actually help students safely build credit and start their financial journey on the right path.

What comes with Path Card?

For $8/month, students get:

  • Physical Path Card that builds credit
  • Virtual Path Card that builds credit
  • Live human card support one chat away
  • Access to financial aid advisor via chat
  • Unlimited credit score tracking
  • Spending trends and analytics
  • Strategies to save money on tuition

Parents get:

  • Access to financial aid advisor via chat
  • Strategies to save money on tuition
  • Live human card support one chat away
  • Unlimited credit score tracking for child
  • Spending trends and analytics
  • Peace of mind
Why should I trust Path?

Earning and keeping the trust of the families who use Path is our top priority, and we make every decision from that point.

Path uses bank-level encryption (AES-256) to keep your financial data secure. Path Card is in the Mastercard network, allowing members to make purchases everywhere. We connect to your bank using industry leader Plaid, the same way Venmo does.

We're a team of moms, financial aid advisors, and engineers who believe that getting on the right financial path should be easier. If you ever want to chat, we'd love to hear from you!

Start building your credit safely and earning cashback today