The Safest Way to Build
Credit in College.

The Path card helps college students build credit while keeping them out of debt.

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Students link their bank to prevent overspending.

Chat with a Path Coach to save money on college.

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The safest way for college students to build credit.

Path Card is the debit card for college students that helps builds credit. Become a member in minutes, no credit check. Keep your bank account. Check your credit score anytime. Chat with a financial aid expert for questions. Parents can keep an eye on spending and watch their kid's credit score grow.

Only $15/month

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The best of credit and debit—combined.

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Path Card works like debit while building your college student’s credit.
Path Card turns everyday purchases into credit-building opportunities for your college kid. Your child can connect their favorite bank and start building credit in minutes.

Builds credit automatically

Everyday purchases = lifetime of good credit.

The Path Card was designed with a built-in line of credit which turns purchases into credit boosts. We spot you for purchases and your linked bank account pays us back automatically.

Use anywhere.

Accepted by more than 37 million merchants
around the world in Mastercard's network.

A smarter way

Designed to prevent overspending.

Students can only spend what they already have in their bank, preventing overspending and building healthy financial habits.

How it works

Student connects their bank account.

Make purchases with Path Card.

Begin building credit history automatically.

Friendly expert advising

Decades of financial aid experience. One chat away.

Your toughest financial questions, answered.

‍When you need help figuring out your tuition bill or how to qualify for aid, Google isn't very helpful. You deserve a expert who knows your family and understands exactly what to do.

Path offers you personalized answers to your most important financial aid questions. Chat anytime with our team of coaches, equipped with decades of experience leading financial aid at universities across the nation.

What our members are saying

"The personal service we received from Christina was heartfelt. Her professionalism and wisdom are immeasurable. Christina walked with us thru the highs and lows of the college financing process. Christina has truly been a Godsend to our family."
- Camron P.
   Student, Prairie A&M University
"When I started with Brionna’s help, I was sure I would go into an insurmountable amount of debt. However, by the end of this experience, I am going to school on a full ride with no school loans.

She and her team felt like another group of people cheering me on which I really appreciated. I would not be where I am without the help of Path."
- Brianna H.
   Student, Howard University

Common questions

How does Path Card work?

Path Card is a debit card that helps build your college student's credit. Students fund purchases by linking their existing bank account. They can only spend what they have and begin building credit automatically.

Who is eligible?

Any U.S. resident over 18 is eligible for Path Card. We're beginning to welcome members in select states as we get started.

Why is Path Card better than a credit card?

Path Card is designed with the benefits of a credit card but the safety of a debit card. Unlike a credit card, college students can't spend more than they have in their bank—preventing overspending. Purchases are funded automatically—eliminating late payments, overdue balances, and interest.

Credit cards make it way too easy for students to spend more than they have, get into debt, and lower their credit score. That's why we designed Path Card to actually help students safely build credit and start their financial journey on the right path.

What comes with Path Card?

For $15/month, students get:

  • Physical Path Card that builds credit
  • Virtual Path Card that builds credit
  • Live human card support one chat away
  • Access to financial aid advisor via chat
  • Unlimited credit score tracking
  • Spending trends and analytics
  • Strategies to save money on tuition

Parents get:

  • Access to financial aid advisor via chat
  • Strategies to save money on tuition
  • Live human card support one chat away
  • Unlimited credit score tracking for child
  • Spending trends and analytics
  • Peace of mind
Why should I trust Path?

Earning and keeping the trust of the families who use Path is our top priority, and we make every decision from that point.

Path uses bank-level encryption (AES-256) to keep your financial data secure. Path Card is in the Mastercard network, allowing members to make purchases everywhere. We connect to your bank using industry leader Plaid, the same way Venmo does.

We're a team of moms, financial aid advisors, and engineers who believe that getting on the right financial path should be easier. If you ever want to chat, we'd love to hear from you!

Help your college student start building credit.

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